Best-in-Class Passwordless MFA

Un-Paralleled User Experience and Next Gen Security

Unique Innovation to Push the Industry Forward

Most passwordless auth solutions focus on biometrics as the be all and end all.  A passwordless strategy built on step up biometrics is not good enough, it won’t fly with end users. TruU breaks the barrier for moving to frictionless, next generation access with “Intelligent Access”, the first enterprise IAM solution that combines privacy preserving biometrics with Proximity and Behavioral Identity signals to create the most secure and frictionless user experience. 

Broader Coverage than All Other Alternatives

Cohesive Workstation MFA

Most MFA and passwordless solutions focus on application access, but a complete enterprise strategy means offering your end users a way to get onto their workstations without a password, be it Windows, Mac or Linux.

Enterprise-Grade Mac Support

Passwordless integration of Mac’s requires dealing with local passwords for FileVault that are often sync’d to a central directory. We’ve gone the extra mile to make this painless for the user and our help desk.

Hyper Seamless VDI Support

Integrating with Citrix or VMware requires extra hoops to make the end user experience especially compelling. We’ve done the extra work to enable users to login at any workstation and receive the right virtual sessions without authentication checkpoints along the way. 

Zero Factor Authentication

See why Gartner is highlighting TruU for Zero Factor Authentication

Plug-and-Play with Your Existing Infrastructure

Support for all major IAM infrastructure in place, plug us in and begin enjoying improved intelligent access and better security.

Support for Ping, Okta, ForgeRock and all major SAML-enabled IdP's

Built-In RADIUS support for passwordless VPN access

Integrated PACS adapters for badge elimination and "touchless" physical access

Support for Microsoft Certificate Authority, KeyFactor and others

Directory support for AD, Azure, Okta and any LDAP directory

Passwordless SSH, RDP and sudo support for administrative users

Unmatched Mobile Authentication UX

FIDO-Compliant for Web Authentication

Unified Across Digital and Physical Security

Mobile-to-Workstation Proximity Login

Passwordless VDI Capable

Secure Key Storage and Transport

Highly Secure OAuth2 Architecture

Administrator RBAC

IntuitiveEvent Dashboard and SIEM Integration Flexible Deployment and Onboarding

Industry-Leading Standards Support and Participation