Industry Leading Passwordless MFA

Un-Paralleled User Experience and Security Protection

Unique Innovation to Push the Industry Forward

Most passwordless auth solutions focus on biometrics as the be all and end all.  A passwordless strategy built on step up biometrics is taxing to end users and simply not good enough. TruU breaks the barrier to passwordless authentication with proximity detection and signaling, a patented feature that creates an effortless MFA experience for your end users, while creating a more secure experience simultaneously. 

Enterprise Use Case Support and Robustness

Passwordless Workstation MFA

Hardware biometrics do not achieve full passwordless authentication, TruU does. End users no longer have to remember a password at any time they use their Windows or Mac endpoint.

Mac FileVault Support

Looking to support Macs with your passwordless solution. TruU uniquely supports Mac’s regardless of your corporate policy, FileVault disk encryption enabled or not. 

Frictionless VDI End-to-End

TruU rich support for VDI environments enables  logins at from dedicated or shared machines with end users experiencing only one authentication checkpoint along the way. 

Zero Factor Authentication

See why Gartner is highlighting TruU for Zero Factor Authentication

Leverage Your Existing IAM Infrastructure

Support for all major IAM infrastructure in place. Enable TruU with our standards-based interoperability for frictionless access and improved security.

Federated authentication from all commercial SSO providers

Remote work auth security for VDI and VPN

Touchless physical access

Support for Microsoft Certificate Authority, KeyFactor and others

Directory integration with AD, Azure, Okta or any LDAP directory

Passwordless MFA for administrative/ privileged users

Unmatched Mobile Authentication UX

FIDO-Compliant for Web Authentication

Unified Across Digital and Physical Security

Mobile-to-Workstation Proximity Login

Passwordless VDI Capable

Secure Key Storage and Transport

Highly Secure OAuth2 Architecture

Administrator RBAC

IntuitiveEvent Dashboard and SIEM Integration Flexible Deployment and Onboarding

Built on Industry-Accepted Standards