Singular Trusted Identity

End-to-End Passwordless Authentication

TruU was built for your organization’s workforce. We use a unique combination of phone-based biometrics and behavioral biometrics identity signals to create the most compelling end user access experience for physical resources and computing systems. TruU works across the broadest range of enterprise assets including workstations, applications, networks and IoT connected devices. We empower organizations to digitally transform their workplaces and change employee engagement.

Passwordless MFA

Users no longer need to remember or use passwords using local device PIN and biometrics-based authentication across doors and all computing interactions

Behavioral Biometrics

Optionally turn on AIML-powered behavioral biometrics to enable the most frictionless access experiences all the time, adaptively secured with biometrics when needed

Badge Elimination

Use the same identity solution for physical access to buildings and rooms as you do for your computing resources. Put an end to the identity silos.

Desktop & VDI Passwordless

With the most advanced and complete offering in passwordless today, employees, partners and contractors can access networks in a variety of different endpoint modalities.

Still Using Passwords? We can do better


of breaches start with compromised credentials


Global cost of data breaches in FY 2019


Over 2,126 data breaches reported in 2018


Drop in stock price the day a breach is announced

Frictionless Access Everywhere, One Identity Solution

Through partnerships, focus and vision, we’ve covered the use cases around employees, contractors and supply chain that will make your organization more secure and more frictionless at the same time.

Easy Integration

TruU integrates seamlessly with existing IAM infrastructure.

User Enrollment

Create a TruU profile through one of several ways and activate for authorization.

Local Private Key

No central password repository to steal, cryptographic keys stored on local roots of trust.

End-to-End Access

Passwordless access to everything from desktops to applications to VDI

What Others Are Saying...

  • “The future is here with TruU. In an increasingly complicated world, TruU provides an AI solution that is both secure and user-friendly, which is a win for both the implementing organization and its end users.”

    Korin Neff

    Founder and CEO, Opinari Compliance Solutions
  • “As a CIO, my vision has been to live in the day when userids and passwords are no longer needed and I’m just known to my apps and systems without need to continually assert it. That day is here with TruU.”

    Walter Yosafat

    Former CIO, Wyndham Destinations
  • “TruU is not just another biometric alternative to password. It is frictionless access, coupled with behavior pattern analysis, with the ability to remove access from unintended users. The application is massive, from office, to data center, to labs and more!”

    Max Chan

    CIO, AvNet
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