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Passwordless Hype

Single, Secure, Continuous Authentication for the Enterprise based on Presence™.

What TruU Can Do For You

TruU delivers the most complete passwordless authentication solution

Passwordless authentication eliminates the need for users to remember or recover passwords to access (login to) their information systems. In addition to passwordless access to information systems, TruU enables organizations to offer their users the same secure experience via badge-less physical access to corporate facilities, critical infrastructure, and the most complete list of IT assets.

Enterprises Grade Passwordless Security

Powered by Presence™

Presence leverages AI and machine learning to sense the presence of users’ proximity to surrounding objects. Presence helps make highly accurate identity and access decisions based on location and surrounding risk while using a myriad of input signals for risk scoring.

Passwordless MFA

Users no longer need to remember or use passwords and can use proximity BLE logins or local device biometrics to access physical and corporate IT resources

Behavioral Biometrics

When ready, turn on AIML-powered continuous identity to enable the most frictionless and secure access experience for your end users

Badge Elimination

Use the same identity solution for physical access to buildings and rooms as you do for your computing resources. Put an end to the identity silos

Virtualized Environments

Employees, partners and contractors can access resources on kiosks, thin clients or shared computer

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Best Authentication & Identity
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Platinum Award for Best Government Security Convergence Software

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Enterprises Prefer TruU


Cover the full spectrum of scenarios for Windows, Mac, Linux, and servers; web and native mobile apps; and passwordless VDI and network access (VPN, wireless)


Go beyond point-in-time initial authentication and extend security within every? working session, continuously learning and assessing behavioral risk


Built-in Support for leading IdPs. easy to deploy into any environment with rich, standards-based, pre-built integrations


Unify physical and digital security with the same solution, allowing for greater flexibility in workplace design and management

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2021 The Year of the Passwordless Enterprise

Learn why leading enterprises are making 2021 to go passwordless across the board. Discover how the next generation solutions are here today to enable that transition