TruU Identity Platform

The most advanced and complete passwordless identity solution today

Key Features

TruU utilizes specialized AI and ML algorithms to identify individuals with 99.99% accuracy.
The platform’s key capabilities include:

Passwordless MFA

Use local phone PIN or biometrics adaptively to secure access across the enterprise, from desktops to VDI

AIML Continuous Identity

Turn on behavioral biometrics when you are ready for maximum UX that does not sacrifice on security

Full VDI/VPN Support

TruU enables your remote workforce seamlessly through out-of-the-box VPN and VDI integration

Passwordless User LIfecycle

Architected for high security throughout an employee's lifecycle, from onboarding to user self-service

Workstation Proximity

Use iOS or Android phones to unlock Windows, Mac or Linux workstations, even when offline

Unified Physical Security

We integrate into leading PACS to eliminate kludgy badges and transform the workplace experience

Why TruU?

It’s estimated that 80% of data breaches start with compromised credentials, particularly passwords. It’s also true that strict password policies frustrate end users and lead to behaviors that make compromise easier. Ever wondered if there is a better way. There is.

Next Generation User Experience

Eliminate MFA fatigue. Only biometric your users when you need to. Take advantage of true implicit authentication and passive user interactivity

End-to-End Use Case Coverage

Say goodbye to the MFA gap for Windows and Mac endpoints, and cover everything else such as Linux, VPN and VDI, whether offline or connected

How TruU Works

Mobile Client

Mobile Clients reside on smartphones and facilitate authentication as locally as possible, communicating with Endpoint Clients for proximity-based authentication.

Endpoint Clients

Endpoint Clients on PCs, servers and physical access readers can work in conjunction with Mobile Clients to enable frictionless access to resources in enterprise organizations, including during offline states.

Identity Servers

Identity Servers communicate locally or from a variety of virtual private cloud configurations with TruU Endpoint Clients, as well as TruU’s Identity Cloud.

Identity Cloud

The Identity Cloud utilizes specialized AI and ML algorithms to determine exact identity resolution for workforce members and communicates with the Identity Server to reduce latency and delegate decision-making.

Supported on Mac, Windows and Linux

One Step MFA for seamless mobile app SSO

Android and iOS Support

FIDO/FIDO2 Compliant

Supported on Mac, Windows and Linux

One Step MFA for seamless mobile app SSO

Android and iOS Support

FIDO/FIDO2 Compliant

Open Standards-Based Enterprise Interoperability