Frictionless Physical Access

Say goodbye to badges, hello to the future

Step Up to Badge-Less Physical Access

Take advantage of a device your employees are already using for nearly every aspect of their lives – their phone. TruU’s Identity Platform enables fluid, frictionless physical access to building entries, doors and data centers as described in the use cases below.

Building Entry

Enable frictionless and secure access to your buildings for your employees and contractors through their mobile devices.


Control access to any door with a TruU Compatible reader using our configurable authentication policies that adjust based on risk and sensitivity

Data Centers

Monitor and protect your most important computing assets by ensuring only the right people access this valuable resource

Mobile Access

TruU automatically issues virtual badges to your users’ mobile devices and determines how and when those virtual badges can be used in your environment.

Biometric & Behavioral-Based MFA

Leverage device biometrics in badge-less multi-factor authentication scenarios that you define or that are automatically called upon when behavioral signals indicate risk. TruU supports standard thumbprint or facial recognition technology in today’s modern phones.

Converged Security

Establish configurable authentication policies for physical access points using the same interfaces and constructs required for digital identity management, enabling you to see a higher return on investment in TruU over time.

PACS Integrated

Already have your access policies defined in a Physical Access Control System? TruU plugs right in and mobile enables your workforce based on your existing policies.


Leverage your existing investment in LEAF-compatible readers out-of-the-box with TruU interoperability. Utilize our AI/ML- powered behavioral identity features for the most frictionless experience for your end users.