Frictionless Digital Access

Eliminate the risk of data breach caused by unsecure passwords

Step Up to Passwordless Authentication

Ready to make the jump to passwordless authentication? Enjoy complete and robust passwordless authentication for your entire workforce and eliminate the possibility of phished or stolen passwords. Integrate into major enterprise identity stores and IT infrastructure and ensure compatibility with your environment. See our use cases below


Online or offline frictionless access to Windows and Mac computers regardless of built-in OS or device biometric support


Passwordless access to on-premises or cloud applications that interoperates seamlessly with your existing SSO infrastructure and makes even mobile SSO a next-level experience


Enable access to Linux or Windows-based servers and protect your privileged administrative users from credential theft or harvesting, with or without 3rd party Privilege Access Management solutions


Leverage your existing VPN infrastructure to enable contractors and your employee workforce using our out-of-the-box RADIUS and SAML support

Continuous Identity

Leverage AI-powered behavioral identity, when you are ready, taking authentication from a point-in-time transaction to a continuous, real-time identity verification built on patented sensing and learning technology. Offer your workforce maximum enterprise fluidity with continuous behavioral identity, and say goodbye to user frustration and password cyber risk.

Unified Authentication

Unify digital system access with physical building and room access to break down identity silos and achieve higher return on investment and lower overall cost of ownership across disparate systems. Achieve maximum enterprise fluidity with TruU by enabling your workforce to leverage the same assets they use for digital access as they move across walls and interact with devices in the enterprise.

Engineered for Enterprise Completeness and Interoperability

Risk-Based Adaptiveness

The platform automatically adapts authentication based on risk, employing passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) when needed to establish identity for 99.99% accuracy. Leverage device-based biometrics and PIN to establish base level of passwordless identity across any mobile device regardless of built in capability.

Configurable Policy

Configure TruU for full AI-powered behavioral identity, passwordless MFA or a mix of both. Define your passwordless policies across desktops, servers, VPNs and applications with maximum flexibility, adjusting your strategy for employees or contractors.