Continuous, Behavioral Identity

The ultimate in frictionless, fluid access and UX

AI-Powered Behavioral Identity

Universal Factor Authentication is built on the idea that the universal factor for every workforce member is their implicit identity. Through continuous sensing and learning from mobile device and desktop sensors, TruU establishes unique identities with 99.99% accuracy and converts authentication from point-in-time transactions to continuous, real-time validation.

Continuous Sensors

TruU uses accelerometer readings and data science models to continuously verify true identity and ensure authentication and access control policies are respected with 100% accuracy.

Workstation Data

Keyboard patterns are unique enough for each individual to also provide identifying behavioral biometric signals for workforce members. Leverage typing patterns as a primary or fall-back identity option.

Ensemble Decision Making

TruU takes into account various “signals” in its behavioral biometric-based identity determinations, from network to motion to battery inputs. Leverage our proprietary “ensemble model” for higher precision and fail-safe accuracy.

Risk-Based Adaptiveness

During behavioral “learning” of an individual’s patterns, TruU automatically falls back to device-based biometrics or PIN assertions to enable appropriate digital or physical access.

Configurable MFA Policies

In addition to the system’s automated ability to fall back to passwordless MFA, administrators themselves can configure MFA policies in conjunction with TruU’s behavioral identity at any time. Administrators can set policies at scale on digital or physical resources on individual or a group-level basis.

IDaaS/SSO Integration

Using an IDaaS solution for on-premises or cloud applications? Use TruU to establish an easily integrated continuous identity
authentication step in your workforces’ sign-on process to these applications. Our industry-leading support for standards such as SAML and OpenID Connect ensure your existing investments are leveraged with TruU.